With the passage of time, computer’s use was started in every field of life, today no matter what field are you in, and you will see a computer placed on your desk because without it, nothing can be done fast as required.

1. Keyboard

The alphabets are scattered on the key board keeping in view the ease for the typist. The longest word that can be typed using words in one row of keyboard is “typewriter”.

2. The World Wide Web

World Wide Web (www) was created for the people to communicate from all over the world. It took only four years to gather 50 million people on WWW, whereas the same users took 38 years to use radio and 13 years to use TV.

3. The Typist

A professional typist types fast and types great amount of words daily. If we measure this as distance, than it will become 12.6 miles a day for the fingers of the typist to cover each day.

4. The Microsoft Flight Stimulator

In 1980s no IBM manufactured machine was considered 100 percent compatible unless it could run the Microsoft flight stimulator.

5. Z1 And Z2

The world’s first computer was given name Z1 and it was invented by konrad zuse in 1936. The next machine he invented was given the name Z2 and this was the first fully functional electronic machine.

6. First Mouse

Mouse Is the external device to computer and the first ever mouse was made by Doug englebart in 1964. This mouse was made of wood.

7. The Computer User Blinks

An observation showed that a computer user blinks his eyes 7 times a minute than the average user who blinks his eyes 20 times a minute.

8. By 2012

By year 2012, there will be as much as 17 billion machines connected to internet.

9. First Domain Name

Domains are the places where the websites are registered and become legal. The first ever domain name was registered as symbolic.com

10. Banner Advertisement

The first banner advertisement was used in 1994. Banner advertisements are the ads we see on the sides of the web pages.