25 Easy Ways to Get a New Perspective on your Small Business

A change of scenery, even one as simple as standing up from your desk, can do wonders for your creativity — and for your business. As summer winds to a close, there’s no better time than now to break away from your usual routine and try something new.

How to Gain a Fresh Perspective

Even the smallest changes can have big effects on your outlook, freeing you up to see business problems, opportunities and solutions in new ways. Here are 25 ways to “shake it up” and gain a new perspective.
1. Take the afternoon off and use the time to do something you’ve never done before.
2. Take a vacation to a place you’ve never been — better yet, somewhere where you don’t speak the language.
3. Switch places with one of your employees for a day and see what you learn. Choose a job that exposes you to something you don’t normally deal with, like answering customer service calls or handling shipping and receiving.
4. You know that one thing you keep meaning to do, but you “never have time” to do it? Set your alarm for an hour earlier than normal and use that hour to get it done.
5. Take a different employee out to lunch every day.
6. Attend an industry event or conference you’ve never gone to before.
7. Change your work environment. Try working outside or in a coffee house. Paint your office.
8. Move your desk, or relax on the couch while you work. If you work at home, try working in a different room than you normally do.
9. Try standing up while you make phone calls. (That might lead you to invest in a sit-stand desk.)
10. Get rid of the clutter on and around your workspace (you know, all of the things that have been there so long, you don’t even notice them anymore). See how it feels to work in a streamlined space.