About Me

Unforgettable words remain with a reader long after a picture has been erased from memory. I am the writer who will give you an unforgettable story with unforgettable words regardless of the topic…I have been writing since the age of 15. I specialize in creative writing and can use words to tell a story to its completion and in a way that ensures that your readers understand the message behind the piece as well as stay entertained and interested. I am good to write blog pieces or newsletters that will keep your readers interested and coming back for more. I always meet my deadlines and ensure that everything I write is well researched and original.

I take the goal of your end game, and work backwards from there – you tell me about your business objective, and I create copy that leads to tangible pence, pounds and profit. You know, a goal like driving more visitors to your corner of the World Wide Web – like establishing rock-solid industry authority – or creating firm fans, loyal customers or warm and ready-to-roll prospects.

You see, copy that works as an asset isn’t simply a matter of understanding your product or service. It’s about knowing your target customer inside out – understanding their fears, their desires, their needs… what motivates them and what resonates with them.