Pasta Italia Cucina – Italian Food That You Can’t Get Enough Of

Who are we?
Pasta Italia is a Sydney based Italian restaurant that has been a lifelong dream of Deni and Josie Rapattoni who are passionate about providing the quintessential Italian dining experience.
Our slogan “life is too short for bad pasta” drives us to create and perfect authentic dishes that bring people together. The powerful dream of our founders to connect friends and relatives over simple yet astounding meals is what inspires the team every day.
When you’re considering ‘Italian restaurants near me’ you need not look any further than Pasta Italia!

Why people love us?
The ongoing goal of our chefs is to provide the highest quality possible in Italian dining by focusing on and perfecting Italy’s signature dishes.
This cuisine is famous for a reason, and we know that perfecting the traditional, sincere cooking methods of the homeland is the only way to replicate it in Australia.
The Pasta Italia Cucina menu is built around the use of fresh seasonal ingredients. Our award winning range of dishes is prepared on our premises and uses only the most authentic cooking practices.
Our light noodles are nearly translucent in colour, packed to overflowing with flavour alongside subtle ingredients that make all the difference. The attention to every detail of the dish and how its’ ingredients interact is why our food has gained a cult following.
Once you try our delicious offerings you’ll quickly understand why we enjoy the following that we do. We are sure there is something on our menu that will become your new favourite and will have you salivating at the thought of.
Creating this connection between customers and our dishes is the primary way in which we have achieved our success. The creamy mix of textures and flavours combined with key ingredients is what makes our menu so memorable.

What our diners can expect?
Offering great and authentic dishes is our primary concern, but we know that dining is an experience that goes beyond the food itself. We know that Italy’s dining carries its own special atmosphere that is unique to the culture.
This is why our restaurantis carefully designed to provide a comfortable and intimate dining experience even on the busiest of nights. A stunning combination of traditional and modern décor elements creates an exciting atmosphere that’s also very homey.
The comfort we create for our diners is all part of creating a feeling of closeness and relaxation. We want our diners to feel totally relaxed and able to have lively, fun conversations with one another.
No matter if it’s an adult gathering or a family outing with children, there’s a table in our restaurant that’s perfect for you.

Our staff
Having an inviting atmosphere is about more than just the colours or decorative elements of the restaurant, but also about the quality service of the staff.
Everyone has experienced an otherwise great dining experience that was ruined by inattentive, rude or negligent staff. This is even worse when this lack of dedication is evident in the dishes you are served.
For this reason we have gone to great lengths only to employ staff members who share our vision. For our crew, it’s needs to be more than just a job to them and that’s what we have strived to maintain.
At every stage of your time with us you’ll be greeted with a smile from experienced wait staff and chefs. Our staff members are selected because they demonstrate the same professionalism and dedication on every night no matter how many customers we are serving.
Our crew understands the cultural experience people associate Mediterranean dining with and works to meet those expectations at every step of the process. This is accomplished not through training them to keep a fake smile, but by hiring people who are already charismatic and eager to meet customers.
The sincerity of the service we offer is uniform throughout our meals, presentation and the friendly attitude that we provide for our customers.
For anyone considering ‘Italian restaurants near me’ they should keep Pasta Italia in mind for our dedication to quality in every aspect of the dining experience.

Our range of authentic Italian meals
Our diverse menu is all about providing a wide range of options without compromising on the quality of each dish. We don’t believe any one offering is superior to another as we pay the same attention to each and every meal.
Our range covers all the bases you could imagine for an Italian restaurant. Whether you are looking for a classic serving of authentic spaghetti or a meat or fish infused creation, we have you covered.
Our combinations of creamy sauces, slow cooked meats and wine infused flavours all work to create an explosion of taste in the mouths of our customers. With our generous yet digestible servings you’ll be left satisfied with every last bite.
Whether you are trying the fettuccine al tonno, the linguine chicken boscaiolaor the papardelle lamb raguyou’ll be blown away with the sharp contrasts of flavours and textures. We take our pastas seriously and you’ll understand how seriously when you take your first bite.
Our meals aren’t just limited to authentic pastas as we offer a comprehensive range ofbreads, small plates, scallopine, salads, pizzas and kids items. These other meal categories are just as diverse and tasty as our primary pasta range.
Our 13’’pizzas are hand stretched and made to order with a choice of oil or sauce base. The pizzas are all made to match the thin, crispy and light taste of the most authentic Italian offerings.
Maybe you’re craving a classic margherita or chicken pesto. Maybe you’d like to experiment with a spicy piccante or calabrese. There’s just so many options that your only regret will be that your stomach can’t fit them all in one sitting.
Our mouth-watering scallopine shouldn’t be forgotten either. With choices of chicken or veal touched with different finishes you’ll be sure to enjoy a classic Italian dish that has been a family staple for generations.
Our kid’s menu includes appropriately portioned versions of classic favourites no child will say no to. Among child servings of spaghetti, penne and gnocchi we also have chicken schnitzel or calamari rings.
Not to leave behind our vegetarian and other dietary specific friends, we have a great range of vegetarian as well as gluten free options weaved in throughout our menu offerings.

What’s Italian dining without some wine? We are fully licensed and provide an impressive range of high quality wines that have been carefully chosen for how they perfectly compliment out dishes.
When you’re finished with the main course, why not consider looking at our menu of coffees and deserts? Simply ask our wait staff what specials are available to get your hands on the perfectly decadent end to a hearty meal.
Our founder and inspiration
Following in the footsteps of his Italian heritage, Deni’s obsession with food naturally began at his family table. Growing up Deni experienced the way in which cultural food changed and transcended through generations of family gatherings.
As an adult, Deni stepped into a world dominated by fast paced consumerism. This prompted Deni to explore his passion for producing the authentic dishes that reflected the context of his upbringing.
This context was one of love and togetherness fostered through the bringing together of loved ones over a great meal. Deni sees his food as a tool that creates unique moments to be treasured and remembered.
Pasta Italia is the child born of Deni’s passion for this ideal. The use of modern manufacturing techniques has allowed Deni to translate his authentic cuisine in a way that’s efficient and competitive.

As the only pasta creator in Australia to win a champions ribbon from the Royal Easter show for 3 consecutive years, Deni was eventually invited to become part of the judging panel himself in 2012.
Deni has been a guest on the Kerry Anne Kennerly breakfast show and spoken frequently on 2GB radio. He is also a regular contributor to a wide range of food magazines and publications.

Come dine with us!
We have worked hard to carefully craft every single aspect of our business to meet all of the high standards we have set for ourselves. We don’t settle for anything but the best and this has been reflected at every level of our business.
Our growing presence in Sydney is a testament to the hard work of our team who have carried a simple yet profound concept to its greatest potential. We never stop improving because we know that greatness is just around every new corner.
We are eager to meet you and make you a part of the ongoing history of our dream. Every customer we serve is a part of achieving our vision and seeing the satisfaction experienced by our service is a reward unto itself.
When someone asks about ‘Italian restaurants near me’ we want them to see Pasta Italia and know instantly that if they dine with us they’ll be in the best of hands for an unforgettable experience of Italian cuisine.