Secrets No One Ever Told You about Sending Business Faxes Online

How to Send A Fax Online

So, how do you send an online fax?

First, scan or locate the document. For example, if you store your documents in the cloud, then this will help make locating your document that much easier.

Next, open up your online fax service application. You will have the option to enter a number, attention name, and an area to enter any other necessary information. This is similar to what you would include in a fax cover sheet.

Then, simply upload the document. Although most online faxing services are designed to send online faxes in various file formats, PDFs are the best files to fax online.

How to Receive Faxes Online

Receiving a fax is as easy as receiving an e-mail—literally. When you sign up for an online fax service, the service will provide you with a dedicated phone number for faxes. So, when a sender needs to send you a fax, you will receive an e-mail with the message and document attached.

Receiving faxes via email also makes it easier to preview documents. Once you preview the document, you can then choose the option to print it or store it in the cloud. No more waiting endlessly as a traditional fax machine slowly trickles out a fax. All the information you need is right in your email. The information you need is right there.