Tiny bullet shaped implant may provide relief from long-term back pain

Back pain is a condition that a large number of people face due to various factors ranging from age to the modern lifestyle. While people try different measures including exercise as well as surgical procedures to deal with it, even a small device can make a lot of difference.

An experimental procedure which involves putting a bullet shaped implant may be able to provide relief for thousands suffering from back pain. The device can be screwed into a person’s lower spine providing support that can alleviate pressure on nerves.

The procedure only needs a small hole in the side of a body following which the patient can go home the same day. Minimal recovery time and a less complicated procedure make this a good alternative for invasive spinal surgery which leaves people unable to walk for months.

It is meant to treat spinal stenosis which causes narrowing of spinal canal due to a collapsed vertebrae causing extreme pain in the lower back and legs.